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Bearing Thermal Resources are a components manufacturer to the heavy vehicle industry. They have supplied, developed and engineered revolutionary products over their 20 years in operation.





Stab pads are one of these developments, working in conjunction with crane manufacturers and operators to manufacture a product that is:

  • Engineered in its design for specific operating parameters

  • The only Stabiliser pad to have a non slip, non marking surface

  • Has non-pinch precision machined handles or shackle points

  • Can be stacked for transport or to increase footprint on ground


Bearing Thermal Resources can produce custom sized pads to meet your specific lift requirements & support this with finite analysis reports.

To find out more about Stab Pads and available sizes, please refer to the Products section.

At Bearing Thermal Resources, we can help you find the best engineering plastic solutions quickly. Our engineers are ready to take your call and assist with your requirements. 


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