Stab pad



Stab pads by Bearing Thermal Resources  provide better stability and safety in all lift scenarios. 


  • Non slip, non marking TPE layer

  • Solid ultra durable base material

  • Custom handle and size options

  • Supported by FEA and data analysis

Engineered to improve your footprint on the contact surface

What makes them different? 

  • German press fusion technology bonds the soft non slip surface to the hard durable base composite

  • Stack-able CNC machined patterns allow for easy storage, stacking to expand your footprint or meeting OHS weight restrictions

  • The only manufacturer of Stabiliser pads to support each design with FEA (finite element analysis) reporting 

Custom sizes and engineered solutions for large lifts

Bearing Thermal Resources also offer customised Stab Pads tailored to your specific lift.
Using our FEA (Finite element analysis) system we are able to calculate and safely engineer a solution even for the biggest lifts – in the worst conditions.
Having one of the biggest CNC routers in Australia allows us to easily manufacture pads that are 4000mm x 2000mm x 100mm Thick with customisable options such as shackle points, logos or load specification engraving as well as Non Slip and Non marking multi later materials.